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Missouri State Pedal Pull Website


2011 Sanctioned Pulling Schedule

Please direct questions to the the puller listed or 

 Date                 name/place                                                Registration      Pull           Puller


25               Bordertown Day - Lineville IA/MO                      3:00 PM          3:30 PM       KM

non dated pulls -

                   Benton County Fair           RH

                   Cole County Fair               RH


4                 Stanberry MO                                                     11:30 AM        12 noon       LT/KM

4                 Lincoln 4th of July                                                                                         RH

22               Boone County Fair, Columbia MO                       6:30 PM           7:00 PM      KM

29               Clarke Co. Fair, Kahoka MO                                5:30 PM           6:00 PM     WH


21               Missouri State Fair, Sedalia MO                           10:30 AM        11:00 AM    KM

2012 Qualifying pulls afterAugust 28th. 


3             Windsor MO                                                                                  1:00 PM      RH

3              Mercer Homecoming, Mercer MO                           8:30 AM         9:00 AM      RS

5         Missouri State Pedal Pull, Columbia MO     10 AM        11 AM

11              Edgerton Pioneer Days,  Edgerton MO                 noon              12:30 PM     KM

17             Old Fashion Saturday Night, Rock Port MO            4:30 PM         5:00 PM      KM

18             Hillbilly Fair, Laurie MO                                                                   1:00 PM     RH

24        National Pedal Pull, Corn Palace, Mitchell SD


Out of State Pulls of Interest:

11/5           National Farm Toy Show, Dyersville IA                                        KM

March 2-4 2012,   Kidsfest, State Fair Grounds, Des Moines IA                         KM




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Help us put on the State Pedal Pull

for the children of Missouri

Send a donation or gift to make sure we

can continue to make this event happen.

Hopefully we will grow to the point it

will pay for itself, but that is a ways off yet.

Send gifts to:

Missouri State Pedal Pull Fund

c/o Ken Myers, Chairman

PO Box 475

Malvern IA 51551

Thank you for what ever you can do to help.

Everything we get is ate up at the pull, there is no back up.


We have no Trophy Sponsor at this time.

Love to have someone step up to help out.


There are sponsorship opportunities for any group interested.