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Projected Schedule for 2014

 This is the 2014 schedule as we have it so far, please check with your local pullers for further details.

 Generally registration starts at least a half hour prior to the pull time listed. Most pulls start with 4 year olds and work up to the 12's. Top three boys and top three girls in each age group qualify for State in Sedalia.

Pulls sanctioned in listed state.  

Under Updating Please wait until this is removed


?            Y E & R, Lake Ozark                                                                                    RH


31     American Cancer Society, Graybill, Rock Port MO       9:00 AM             KM 


14           Winona MO Pedal Pull                                      1:00PM           4-10          DDS

14           Rich Fountain MO Pedal Pull                           7:00PM                              SS   

??          Bordertown Day, Lineville IA/MO                   4:00PM                               KM

??          Fireman's Picnic, Gerald MO                                                                         SS 


4?             Lincoln MO 4th                                          RH 

4?             Stanberry MO                                                      11:00AM                           LT

4?             Brownville NE                                                       12Noon                              KM

4?             New Market IA                                                     3:30PM                              KM

4             Clearfield IA                                                        7:00PM                                KM

5             Osceola IA                                                           10:00AM                             KM

10          Franklin County Youth Fair, Union MO          6:00PM          4-10            DDS

10          Callaway Youth Expo                   reg: 5:00PM   Pull 6:00PM                     BY

11           Ringgold Co., Mt. Ayr IA                                   2:00PM                               KM

12        New Haven Comm. Youth Fair, New Haven MO    Noon        4-10           DDS

??           Fair, Centralia MO                                                                                            SS

??           Fair, Cuba MO                                                                                                   SS 

18           NEMO Fair, Kirksville MO                                  3:00PM                               KM

??            Henry County Fair, Clinton MO                      3:30PM                               RH

20           Audrain Fair                             reg: 12:30PM    Pull 1:00PM                     BY

20          Decatur Co., Leon IA  - Adults                         6:00PM                              KM

22           Union Co., Afton IA                                            1:00PM                              KM

??           Clark County, Kadoka MO                                5:30PM                              SW

??           Jamesport MO                                                    12:00noon                         KM

27      Westfair, Council Bluffs IA - includes trophy Adults 1:00PM & 3:00PM    KM

29          Callaway County Fair                    reg: 4PM-5PM Pull 5:30PM                  BY

??            Fulton MO                                                           TBA                                      SS


1            Gasconade County Fair, Owensville MO          6:00 PM      4-10           DDS

2              Atchison County Fair, Rock Port MO              3:00PM                             KM

9              Randolph IA Fun Day                                         10:30AM                          KM

9     Washington Town Country Fair, Washington MO  Preregistration below   9:00AM    DDS    for preregistration information 4-10

**12 (for Mailing) All pulls from this date are for 2014 qualification

??    Rich Fountain MO   Pull at 7:00PM  SS  is a qualifier for 2014 vouchers he will drive in

17       Missouri State Pedal Pull at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia

Missouri State Results

??          Colt Show, Calhoun MO                                        TBA                                   RH

??           Memphis MO                                                                                                     SW 

??           Mercer Homecoming, Mercer MO                    9:00AM                             RS

31              Essex IA                                                                 4:30PM                           KM


6               Emerson IA                                                              1:00PM                       KM


20            Rock Port MO                                                         6:00PM                            LT 

??            Calamity Jane Day, Princeton MO                     3:00PM                            RS


4                Lamoni (IA) Annual Fall Festival, with Adults,c        1:00PM              KM

25             Pumpkin Patch, Schwieser Orchard, St. Joseph        1:00PM              KM


8               National farm Toy Show, Dyersville IA           9AM to 2PM               KM

                 Great toy show at the home of the "Field of Dreams" Sanctioned pull at 10AM



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Help us put on the State Pedal Pull

for the children of Missouri

Send a donation or gift to make sure we

can continue to make this event happen.

Hopefully we will grow to the point it

will pay for itself, but that is a ways off yet.

Send gifts to:

Missouri State Pedal Pull Fund

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Thank you for what ever you can do to help.

Everything we get is ate up at the pull, there is no back up.


We have no Trophy Sponsor at this time.

Love to have someone step up to help out.


There are sponsorship opportunities for any group interested.