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2015 Missouri Sanctioned Pedal Pull Schedule

 Many similar to 2014. We will add as we get them.

Welcome to the State of Missouri Schedule of Official Pedal Pulls.

May God Bless all who devote their lives or parts of their lives to our children. This is hard work, done with a special love for children and families, and in this case for the children of Missouri.

The Missouri State Pedal Pull is a non profit event when all cost are figured. The State Fair gets the gate and the State Fair fee covers very little. Thank God for Janet Workman and a few others for the funds to make the State possible. We would love a Title Business sponsor if one is interested. We really do our best to keep the cost down as much as possible and still make it a great moment for Missouri's children.

Make sure sponsors to ask your puller to get your pull on this list for official state recognition. These Pulls are to be state sanctioned pulls unless otherwise mentioned.

Almost all pulls will sign up/register a half hour or more prior to the actual pull. If the pull is at 4 (for instance) 4 and 5 year olds should be there a half hour prior (3:30) to pull time. Most sign up to the time of the age group pulling, yet it is wise to be a bit early, so as to not get shut out.




12          Oak Grove 70 Truck Jamboree, Oak Grove MO                     5PM Pull        KM

27           Meremac community fair,  Sullivan, Mo                               10AM            SS

27           Bordertown Day, Lineville IA/MO   (IA/MO Dual Sanction)     4PM             KM

28           Huge Teen to Masters Adult Pull in Tabor IA                  3PM             KM

               Age Divisions: 13-15, 16-19, 20-40, and Masters 41 up


4              Stanberry MO, 4th of July                                                Noon            LT

4              New Market Iowa (IA Sanction)                                         3PM            KM 

4              Clearfield Iowa, Lions 4th (IA Sanction)                             7PM             KM

9              Callaway Youth Expo, Auxvasse MO              5PM Reg.       6PM              BY

9              Franklin County Youth Fair, Union MO                                  6:00 pm         DDS

10            Cuba MO                                                                        4PM              SS

11            New Haven Community Youth Fair, New Haven MO           12:00 Noon      DDS

18            NEMO Fair, Kirksville MO                                                  3PM               KM

18            Belle Fair                                                                        6PM               SS

19             Audrain Co. Fair, Mexico MO                       Noon Reg       1PM Pull         BY

24            Clarke County Fair, Kahoka MO                 6:00PM Reg        6:30PM pull    SW

25             Boone Co. Fair, Columbia MO                      2PM Reg        3PM pull         BY

28             Kingdom of Callaway Fair, Fulton MO           4:30PM Reg   5PM pull          BY

31             Gasconade County Fair, Owensville MO                              6:00 PM           DDS



1              Atchison Co. Fair, Rock Port MO                                         Noon            KM

8              Washington Town and Country Fair, Washington MO     9:00 am         DDS

     (the Washington Town and Country Fair requires early sign up, please see the web site )

23            Missouri State Championships, Missouri State Fair, Sedalia MO

                NonQualifier Pull, for those not qualified for state, registration 9:30AM & Pull at 10AM Sponsored by Missouri State Fair and Sydenstricker John Deere

Missouri State Championships, Registration 4-6 at 11:00AM and 7-9 at 11:30AM,

With 10-12 at 11:45 AM ------ Pull at Noon

Title Sponsor: Janet Workman. ------- 1-2-3 Trophies

----------------------------------------------------------------- Sanctioned for 2016 State

29             Scotland County Antique Fair, Memphis MO             1pm Reg  1:30pm Pull   SW

29             Randolph IA Fun Day(small pull, IA qualifier 2015)         9:30am               KM


5              Mercer Homecoming, Mercer MO                      10:30am      RS

5               Rhineland MO                                                        Reg 4pm      pull 5pm  SS

6              Essex IA Labor Day Weekend (IA qualifier 2015)               Pull  4:30pm   KM

8?             Putnam County Fair, Unionville MO                       2pm Reg     2:30pm Pull    SW

12             Iowa State Pedal Pull, Marshalltown IA

12            Dept. of Ag, Ball Park Village, St. Louis MO                           2pm     SS

19            St Clair Festival, St Clair MO                                 Reg 2pm       pull 3pm    SS

19            Calamity Jane Days, Princeton MO                               3:00PM            RS

26            Pullin for a Miracle, Owensville MO, Children/Adults         Pull 6pm         SS

26          National pedal pull, Mitchell SD, Corn Palace


3              Lamoni IA Annual Fall Festival                                    Pull 1PM          KM 

4      Family Fun Day, Ball Park Village, St. Louis MO  Reg. noon    pull 2pm  SS

31            Pumpkin Patch, Schwiezer Orchards, St Joseph MO            1pm           KM


7            National Farm Toy Show, Dyersville IA                              10am            KM




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Help us put on the State Pedal Pull

for the children of Missouri

Send a donation or gift to make sure we

can continue to make this event happen.

Hopefully we will grow to the point it

will pay for itself, but that is a ways off yet.

Send gifts to:

Missouri State Pedal Pull Fund

c/o Ken Myers, Chairman

PO Box 475

Malvern IA 51551

Thank you for what ever you can do to help.

Everything we get is ate up at the pull, there is no back up.


We have no Trophy Sponsor at this time.

Love to have someone step up to help out.


There are sponsorship opportunities for any group interested.