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2023 We keep pulling for the children - Sanctioned Pull Schedule
We need schedules sent to remembering the only pulls recognized at State have to be on this schedule.

Most Registrations will be at least 1/2 hour prior to the Pull, check local listings.


12                   Gerald School                                                                         4-10                                  4:30PM               DS

9                       Franklin County Youth Fair,                 Union MO                      4-10                                      7:00PM               DS
17                     Hallsville Fair                                           Hallsville MO                                                             11:30AM             BY
24                     Fair on the Square,                                Savannah MO                                                           10:00AM              KM
30                      Owensville Fire Department Picnic ,  Owensville MO             4-10                                     6:30PM                DS

7                         Carroll County Fair                               Carrollton MO                                                             7:00PM                BY                   
8                         New Haven Community Youth Fair,  New Haven MO             4-10                                    12:00PM               DS

14                       Crawford County Fair,                        Cuba MO                              4-12                                 6:00PM                DS
15                       Callaway Youth Expo                          Auxvasse MO                                                               1:00PM                BY
16                       Gasconade county Threshers Show, Rosebud MO                   4-10                                   2:00PM                DS
17                       Boone Co. Fair                                        Columbia MO                                                               7:00PM               BY
23                       Audrain Fair                                           Mexico MO                                                                    2:00PM               BY
28                       Gasconade County Fair,                      Owensville MO                4-10                                    6:00PM                DS
29                      Agency Picnic Pedal Tractor Pull,       Agency MO     (Southeast of St Joe)                    12:30 PM             KM
29                      St  Charles County Fair,                       Foristell MO                      4-12                                    1:30PM                DS

5                         Washington Town and Country Fair, Washington MO                4-10                                9:00AM                DS
                           instructions for the fair, Please signup online before the day of the pull, 

11                      De Kalb Homecoming                            De Kalb MO    (South of St Joe)                              5:30PM               KM

20                 Missouri State Championships, Last day of Missouri State Fair in Sedalia MO. Please read the following carefully.
20                      Non Qualifier Pull for last qualifying chance for MO residents only.. reg 9:30 Pull 10:00 am followed by State
20                      State Championships for the State of Missouri, PreQualification required, Registration begins at or just before 
                           11:00am order of registration should be 4s and 12s, 5s and 11s, 6s and 10s, 7s and 9s, and finish with 8s.
                           This will be the pulling order on the two tracks
                       HEY! some new styling on the t-shirts for 2023.

??                      Harrisburg August Festival                 Harrisburg MO                                                          2:00PM               BY

23                     TBD  National Pedal Pull Championships    Mitchell SD,  Corn Palace  

?                         Brunswick Pecan Festival                    Brunswick MO                                                           4:00PM               BY

February 23:
12                      Young Farmers and ranchers conference                                                                                                          BCFB

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