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What does it take to be a Sanctioned Puller in Missouri

Warning to sponsors !!!!

 All non listed pullers must be approved by the State

 before contracts for Sanctioned pulls should be approved

Please take care of your patrons by checking first. These rules were created because the State we inherited was a cluster and cheating was out of control. Please honor the intent of the rules with out further direction.



1. How do you become a donating puller for the Missouri State?

     A: To be a member you must be an active puller in Missouri and are from Missouri or your normal pulling area is adjacent to the border so that pulls in both states are a reasonable and comfortable arrangement. You must also agree to help with state when you can.

Sanctioned Puller contribute an annual fee of $30 by start of season, with schedule, of each year, and your name is listed on the pullers list with contact information. Then you donate $10 each time you want a pull sanctioned and it is listed on the schedule page. Send the $10 well ahead of your scheduled pull and we use the money to send you the state qualifying paperwork that will allow your top pullers to attend and participate at the State pull. If you know your pulls early then you may send a list and payment prior to the season. The earlier the list is in the earlier we can list your pulls on the site $10 is for Missouri pulls only. If you have a pull of interest in another state we can list it for you.

Another piece of pulling in Missouri is the expectation that you will try to make it to the State Pedal Pull and help with its operation, and that no member uses the non profit State events to promote their own business other than personally wearing their colors, or contributing the use of their equipment. Pullers may lay information for their business in an assigned location at the registration tables (cards or single page flyer). The biggest promotion is being there for people to see helping.

What if I only do one or two pulls ?

If you choose you can donate $25 per pull these pullers must apply for approval each year in writing/email. (for instance single pull per year by FFA. Inquiries are to be sent to Ken Myers as listed above. Warning no renewal if the puller is felt to be detrimental to the well being of association membership and/or growth inside the state. Feel free to email any questions.

No pull or paperwork will be recognized at State that is not officially recognized from our schedule list.

* exception in the years of the non-qualifier pull ahead of State. 

2. How does the process work?

     A: After the pulling at your pull the participants that finished in the top three boys and girls in each division (yes potentially 54 qualifiers per pull) must fill out the State paperwork, and they get the pink which they will need along with proof of age at the State to sign up. You will keep the yellow copy and send the white to Ken Myers. The State date is the last day of the State Fair at 10:00 registration with pull at 11:00 AM in Sedalia MO. Announce the State date several times as well as the need to fill out the vouchers. Remind them they can choose not to go if they fill it out, but they can not go if they do not fill it out.

3. What equipment is needed?

      A: We do not have exact requirements, but it must handle children 4-12 in a fair manner. The tractors can vary in number (2 or more) and size and the sled needs to be a weight transfer model. When the Kids get to state they will be on ours and that will be the equipment and process used by other states and the National, as well as the International. If your equipment is smaller and can only do 4-8, for instance, then announce the pull that way in advance and we need to list it on this site that way.

4. Can a Puller be denied sanctioning?

       A. Yes, if in the judgment of the executive officer the puller is working in a detrimental fashion to the good of the State Pedal Pull as a whole, fails to have proper equipment or fails to follow timetables and directives as set down for membership. Example: Failure to pay yearly fees in timely manner or does not turn in a schedule and or vouchers correctly, can be considered grounds for denial of sanctioning.

       A.  If you do not get your schedule to me before you run pulls I am not going to recognize them. If by the end of the season we are not caught up with fees, then you will be taken off the pullers list. this only works with some discipline.