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Missouri State Champions Wall of Honor

* National Champion that year.

2009 State Champions:

                                    Girls                                                  Boys

4 year old:                   Lainey Caulkins*   Fulton                   Wyatt Bridgeman   Owensville

5 year old:                   Kennedy Eggering   Foley                 Kirby Stevens   Albany

6 year old:                   Trista McDannald   Rocheport           Austin Warren   Excello

7 year old:                   Hannah Andrews   Carthage             Tyler Buck   Holliday

8 year old:                   Maddee Gastler   Martinsburg            Drake Eggering   Foley

9 year old:                   Kylie James   Kingdom City                 Bryce Mistler   Owensville

10 year old:                 Symone Demanett   Randolph IA       Austin Hall   Norborne

11 year old:                 Kayla Myers   Lenox IA                      Bryan Havens   Browning

12 year old:                 Kristen Nielson   Conception Jct.       Austin Pulley*   Guilford

         Special Mention: Kendra Myers   Lenox IA (12) accepted 2nd after longer distance, because of bucket malfunction. Listed in fairness to her effort. And Morgan Watson (12) 2nd here and 2nd Nationally. Kayla Myers finished second in the World in one of the greatest pull offs in the history of the International.

2010 State Champions:

4 year old:                    Bella Skibinski   Troy                           Isaac Wardlow  Kahoka

5 year old:                    Lainey Caulkins  Bonne Terre            Curtis Falter   Freeburg

6 year old:                    Katie Wardlow   Kahoka                     Easton McAfee   Vandailia

7 year old:                    Trista McDannald   Rocheport            Parker Coon   Princeton

8 year old:                    Hannah Andrews   Carthage              Miles Bailey   Clinton

9 year old:                    Madilyn Sager   Stanberry                  Leo Hager   Columbia

10 year old:                  Kylie James   Kingdom City                 Bryce Mistler   Owenville

11 year old:                  Symone Demanett   Randolph IA       Justin Shields   Lineville IA

12 year old:                  Kayla Myers   Lenox IA                      Bryan Havens   Browning

         Special Mention: to (12) 2nd place Whitney McFee who is a past National champion as a 7 year old and continued to represent Missouri with style and class. Whitney and Kayla Myers (10 year old) finish their careers as past National Champions.

2011 State Champions:

 4 year olds:                  Addisyn Warren Excello               Christopher Huffman  Novinger  

 5 year olds:                  Bella Skibinski  Troy                     Wyatt Evans   Perry

 6 year olds:                  Carly Foster   Fulton                     Dawson Roark   Iberia

 7 year olds:                   Emily Evans  Perry                       Woodrow Foster  Fulton

 8 year olds:                  Trista McDannald  Rocheport         Austin Warren  Excello

 9 year olds:                  Hannah Andrews  Carthage           Miles Bailey   Clinton

 10 year olds:                Kristen Clevernger  Kansas City      Kent Riley   McGirk

 11 year olds:                Kylie James   Ashland                      Bryce Mistler  Owensville

 12 year olds:                Symone Demanett  Randolph IA      Noah Boehm  Rich Fountain

 Special Mention: Wyatt and Emily Evans went on to win the World Championship, Hannah Andrews finished 2nd in the World and Symone Demanett finished 3rd in the World.


2012 State Champions: 

4 year olds:               Riley Rosenbaum   Savannah             Bo Eads   Jamesport

5 year olds:               Paige Campell    Gentry                      Matthew Klien  Ste. Genevieve

6 year olds:               Bella Skibinske    Troy                         Wyatt Evans   Perry

7 year olds:               Amber Marlin     Conway                     Walker Larson    St. Joseph

8 year olds:               Emily Evans      Perry                           Gage Emmendorfer  Savannah

9 year olds:               Trista McDannald   Rocheport             Collin Sager    Stanberry

10 year olds:             Hannah Andrews    Carthage               Ethan Diephuis  Farmington IA

11 year olds:             Faith Diephuis  Farmington IA            Kent Riley     McGirk

12 year olds:             Alexis Frank    Bennington NE              Eric Steinberg   Washington

 Special Mention:   


2013 State Champions:


4 year olds:               Sofia Doolittle   Albany                     Jayden Galbrath   Calwood

5 year olds:               Karys Nichols      Mexico                    Bo Eads   Jamesport

6 year olds:               Vidella Loughridge  Linn                    Jeremy Hahne     Berger

7 year olds:               Bella Skibinske    Troy                        Issac Wardlow    Revere

8 year olds:               Amber Marlin     Conway                    Dawson Roark    Iberia

9 year olds:               Madison Craig     N. Liberty IA           Eli Wilson     Gerald

10 year olds:            Trista McDannald   Rocheport             Ethan Bundt   Leon IA

11 year olds:             Hannah Andrews    Carthage             Ethan Diephuis  Farmington IA

12 year olds:             Morgan Hines       Clinton                    Kent Riley     McGirk

Special Note: We really missed the Evans kids this year and hope they can make it next year. Look at the string of titles that are running through this year.


2014 State Champions:


4 year olds:               Makenna Lange   Belle                   Quentin Morse  Blackburn

5 year olds:               Mattea Williams  Stanberry             Jaiden Galbreath  Fulton

6 year olds:               Ashlynn Lewis   LaPlata                  Brendan Connor  Owensville

7 year olds:               Kendall Small   Memphis                 Christopher Huffman  Novinger

8 year olds:               Bella Skibinski    Troy                     Isaac Wardlow  Kahoka

9 year olds:               Megan Radford   Clinton                 Curtis Falter    Freeburg

10 year olds:             Katie Wardlow     Kahoka                Colby Smith  Cummings KS

11 year olds:             Trista McDannald   Columbia           Ethan Bundt  Leon IA

12 year olds:             Hannah Andrews  Carthage             Brandon Gray   Paola KS



2015 State Champions:


4 year olds:               Lily-Ann Miller  Montrose               Logan Hrabik  Louisville NE

5 year olds:               Makenna Lange  Belle                   Samuel Bridgeman  Owensville

6 year olds:               Mattea Williams  Stanberry            Stetson Stone   Centralia

7 year olds:               Ashlynn Lewis   LaPlata                 Craig Binsbacher   Sullivan

8 year olds:               Kendall Small   Memphis                Roy Bauer   Louisburg KS

9 year olds:               Bella Skibinski   Troy                     Franky Erxleben   Japan

10 year olds:             Ashlyn Laws   Glenwood                Walker Larsen   Garnett KS

11 year olds:             Rachel Grey   Paola KS                   Colby Smith    Cummings KS

12 year olds:             Ellie Westermeyer  New Haven        Ethan Bundt   Leon IA



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