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Missouri State Pedal Pull Website


There is no other source of Information on Pulls in Missouri that the people listed below.

President Ken Myers
direct inquiries and questions to:

if email does not work then call 712-624-8158
must leave a message as we all work.

Ken Myers - President Missouri State Pedal Pull

Member of the Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota Associations

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Help us put on the State Pedal Pull

for the children of Missouri

Send a donation or gift to make sure we

can continue to make this event happen.

Hopefully we will grow to the point it

will pay for itself, but that is a ways off yet.

Send gifts to:

Missouri State Pedal Pull Fund

c/o Ken Myers, Chairman

PO Box 475

Malvern IA 51551

Thank you for what ever you can do to help.

Everything we get is ate up at the pull, there is no back up.


We have no Trophy Sponsor at this time.

Love to have someone step up to help out.


There are sponsorship opportunities for any group interested.